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Repair Windows XP Without Reinstall Driver and Application

Repair technique has advantages such as data in the system is still intact (the programs installed on the computer also still). And it will also shorten the time, as if re-install the program, including the driver must be installed in the back again. If the program is very much, they will spend a long time.

But even so, reinstall Windows often will be more "fresh" for our computer, especially if the previous drive in the format first, so that the windows are really like a new born baby.

Errors that often occur when Installation want to repair Windows XP is shown when the options / menu installation the first time, we choose the Repair Using Recovery Console, so that the show is an application / Command Prompt window. Indeed, this feature can be used to correct some errors, but that we would want is to improve overall file system is not Windows XP with the command prompt.

Repair Windows XP :
  1. Run under the previous step, make sure that the computer BIOS is set so that the sequence is the first time booting CDROM and record the Serial Number of Windows XP

  2. Insert the CD installer Windows XP, then restart (reboot) the computer

  3. When any posts appear "Press any key to boot from CD", press any key on the keyboard

  4. Windows Setup will continue with the load files that are required from the CD

  5. After that will appear "Welcome to Setup", then press ENTER (first choice)

  6. After that Windows XP will appear Licensing Agreement, Press the F8 (I Agree) to continue

  7. Windows Setup will look for whether Installation already have Windows XP

  8. If you already have Installation Windows XP, it will be displayed in the list. If no, then cannot repair Installation Windows XP (should be re-install) Do not know if you have not already forwarded

  9. Once found, the selected (select) Windows XP in the desired key and press R to repair windows XP

  10. Wait until the finish to have a computer restart

  11. After the restart, and the menu appears Press any key to boot from the CD then do not press any button. Follow the continuation of the process until the repair is completed
Once completed and restart the computer, the Windows XP Installation have succeeded in refining, and the program or application that is already there, the driver hardware and data will still be there and run normally, without the need to install again. Unless an application to change the file system such as Windows Vista Transformation Pack, and the like. If you use an application like this then need to reinstall.

Good Luck

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