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Between an Blackberry Phone and a iPhone

Probably the most common decision faced by cell phone users when moving from an older phone is whether to get an iPhone or a Blackberry. While there are other alternatives, these two share the majority of the market. Both have distinct advantages and weaknesses, and which is better for you probably depends on your needs.

In general, a iPhone is better if you will be doing a lot of reading of emails and browsing the web, but don't need to type as many emails. The iPhone has a virtual touchscreen based keyboard. It does work quite well once you are used to it, but will never have the tactile feedback of physical keyboard. If you need to type extensively, you may be frustrated by the keyboard.

The Blackberry is best for someone who needs to write a lot of emails while on the go. Most Blackberries have a physical keyboard which can be very fast and accurate to type on once you get used to it. Many business people swear by the Blackberry because it is such a highly efficient email machine.

By understand your needs and how you will most likely use your new smart phone, you can make the best choice between a blackberry and an iPhone so that you don't need to sell one and buy the other in frustration later!

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