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Cleaning the LCD Screen

Your laptop screen is a mess, but you don't know how to clean it. Well then, here is an article which will give you some tips and recommendations on the best ways of cleaning an LCD screen, either on your laptop or your desktop monitor and even a television.

First take notice of these couple of important things that you should never do to get a clean LCD. Never use anything which is sharp or abrasive for LCD cleaning. You should also never directly spray any type of cleaning solution, not even water directly onto your screen. Please note that your LCD screen is not made of glass, so this is important you remember not to do.

You can either make your own LCD cleaning solution or you can get some bought in your local retail store. Just note, that you might end up paying more than double if you buy the premade solutions. Although if you are nervous about making the solution or just don't have the time, buying premade LCD cleaning solution is a good option. To make your own solution you will need, diluted isopropyl alcohol, which is nothing more than rubbing alcohol. You need to mix it at 50% alcohol and 50% water. You can also try using distilled water and white vinegar. You also mix this at 50%/50%.

Another item you will need in cleaning an LCD screen is a soft cloth. This can be pretty much any soft material such as an old tee shirt, or old flannel type shirt. Never use paper towels, or any paper product. Also something that is highly recommended is buying micro cloths which you can get at most retail stores or online.

You should also purchase a small spray bottle. This way you can pre-make and store your LCD cleaning solution and use it whenever you need it. Instead of having to mix it each and every time you need it.

Now that you know what you need to clean it, here are the steps you should take to actually get that clean LCD:

* Turn off your monitor or laptop.
* f it is plugged into the wall, best to unplug it.
* Spray some solution onto your soft cloth or soft rag.
* To avoid streaking, use the same direction to wash all parts. Eg. Top to bottom.
* Lastly, let it dry.

You do not need to wipe it down after you have finished washing it. Most likely if you followed the guide and you did this correctly it will be clean and streak free within seconds of finishing it. Do this whenever you will be cleaning an LCD, even if it is not your computer.

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