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Windows 7 Security

Windows 7 is great operating system with lot of features. It offers wide scale multitasking with ease of security. Microsoft has worked a lot on security of windows 7 and it has lot of security features. Below are some of them:
  • User account control (UAC) is one of the notable features of the Windows 7. By default the low risk administrative actions are less frequently prompted. But admins can modify the prompted sensitivity with the help of a slide bar.
  • In Windows 7 the BitLocker Drive Encryption technology ensures that the documents, passwords, and other data are safe. When you turn on your BitLocker all the files saved on that drive is automatically encrypted.
  • Application Compatibility Toolkit is provided by the Microsoft so that it's easier to troubleshoot and resolve compatible issues. You have to enter in XP mode to avail free downloadable and licensed virtual copy of Windows XP service pack 3. When you install applications in XP mode they seem to be like stand alone apps in Windows 7. After that you can place them as regular desktop icons on the host desktop. It's not much noticeable that the apps are running in virtual mode. You can run internet explorer 6 alongside internet explorer 8 on the same desktop. Before installing XP mode you must download and install Windows Virtual PC which is the new Windows 7 virtualization product.
  • In windows 7 the AppLocker allows the users to define the application execution rules and exception based upon the file attributes such as path, publishers, product name, file name etc. using active directory user can assign policies to computers, users, security groups etc. you cant open or run files that are not allowed specifically.
  • The action center in the control panel makes sure that your firewall is on, the antivirus software is up to date or not, and if your computer is set to install updates automatically.

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