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How to Cleaning the Video Projectors

It is important for you to clean your video projector on the regular basis since the dust and also smudges can ruin the quality of the pictures. Dust blobs can appear visibly in the screen when they are in the dark passages. They are also relatively rare, but cleaning your video projector will involve both the projector screen and also the projector lens and case.

The first thing that should be done is that you have to set the projector box in the comfortable and also well-lit area. After that, you can start cleaning your projector by using the electronic wipes. You can start from the center of the case to the outward toward the edge of the case. Remember to avoid wiping the area that is near the vents with the used cloth and then run the wipe in every case seams using nail.

For the second step, you can clean the vents by using the cotton swabs. Remember to avoid the dust from falling into the slots by suing the sideways and then scooping motions in catching the dust.

After that you need to run the tips of wet cotton swabs between the vents on the flat surfaces, you can start from the center and then moving toward the outward edges. Bring also the air bulb closely to the lens while you have to remember not to touch it. After that, expel several firm puffs of the air in the clockwise directions.

It is also important for you to clean the screen with the dry rag, starting from the center and then moving toward the edge. For the last step, you should remove spot on the screen with the plain water at room temperature. You need also dampen one corner of the cloth and then lightly rub the spot. Buff dry by using the dry portion of the cloth in the gentle motion.

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