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How To Clear The Maintenance Service Message For HP 4000/4050/4100/4500/4550/5000/8000/8100/8150/9000 Printers | HP Maintenance Message Reset Methods

Follow this instruction :

For HP 4000/4050/4100/5000 Printers:
  1. Turn off the printer

  2. Hold down the left side of the ITEM and VALUE +/- keys

  3. Turn on the printer and wait until RESET MAINTENANCE COUNT is displayed and then release the keys
For HP 4500/4550 Printers:
  1. Turn off the printer

  2. Hold down the CANCEL JOB and SELECT keys and turn on the printer, wait until the display goes blank and the three LED's come on

  3. Press the right side of the MENU key, then press the SELECT key

  4. You will enter SERVICE MODE after the normal test completes

  5. Press the ITEM key until the FUSER MAINTENANCE COUNT appears

  6. Press VALUE +/- to change to zero

  7. Press SELECT to save

  8. Press GO; the printer should return to READY
For HP 8000/8100/8150 Printers:
  1. Press the MENU button until the display ready CONFIGURATION MENU

  2. Press the ITEM button until the display ready SERVICE MESSAGE = ON/OFF

  3. Select OFF

  4. Press SELECT to save

  5. Turn off the printer

  6. Hold the VALUE MINUS and ITEM MINUS buttons while turning the printer back on Hold buttons down until display ready RESET MAINT/COUNT and then release both buttons
For HP 9000 Printers:
  1. Turn off the printer

  2. Press and hold the CHECK key

  3. Turn on the printer

  4. Release the CHECK key after all three lights come on The display should read SELECT LANGUAGE

  5. Press the up arrow until MAINTENANCE KIT is displayed

  6. press the CHECK key again and the maintenance kit count has been reset

Good Luck

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