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Resetter For Epson Printers | Using SSC SERVICE UTILITY

SSC SERVICE UTILITY can be used to reset all printers Epson type. Please, read all instructions before doing anything with your printer. This software works under Windows 95/98/ME/2K2/XP with both the LPT and USB printers

To use this software, follow this instruction :

  2. Unzip file and install SSC SERVICE UTILITY

  3. Open SSC SERVICE UTILITY and this window will be displayed, then click on the "Configuration" tab and select your printer from the drop down list of printers

  4. After you configured the utility for your printer, close the window. Next look for the icon in your taskbar. Right click on the icon and select the option you want to use. To reset, choice > "Protection Counter" > click "Reset Protection Counter"

  5. Once you click on "Protection Counter" you will see this page pop up. Click YES then OK

  6. Restart your printer and should respond as normal

Good Luck

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Sudah saya coba dan bisa buat reset Epson R230. tks bos..

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