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Multicore Procesor

Procesor technology is utilized multi core, a chip has 2 cores or more has been made. Have a computer with 2 core or 4 core, this time have become a regular thing. Similarly the price Procesor sold from year to year continue to go down. 2010 Procesor producers such as Intel and AMD will continue to multiply the number of cores or on a core Procesor Procesor. Of 4 cores on a chip will be increased to 6 and even 8 cores.

Some opinions may say different things, such as below:

Some choose to use single core 1 or core Procesor with reason

* Computer is used only for light applications such as internet browsing, office applications
* 1 core Procesor power more sparingly.
* Single core is enough for me at this time.

There are also select the reason for the dual core.

* Dual core Procesor more intensive application to the game.
* The speed dual core is not much different from the quad core for a particular application
* Get Procesor speed dual core is better with the same price of quad core.
* Power more sparingly than quad core.

Choose the other quad core with other reasons.

* Price does not vary with the dual core
* Quad core has a better performance than dual core.
* The power is not much different than the dual core, although slightly larger.
* The need quad core for the application you use supports.

Third opinion can be said right above. Each computer user needs a different Procesor. Is only for browsing and typing a letter it would have been filled with enough single core. While they are quite intensive applications using both computer games can select dual-core. While they are very intensive in the use of software applications that support multi-core processors can select the type of quad core Procesor.

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