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How to Speed Up a Slow Computer

Here are some of Tips on how to keep your computer running smooth.
  1. Turn down the effects
    Windows allows for a lot of effects - partially transparent windows or title bars, fade-in and -out effects, etc. All of which take their toll on the processor. Simplify your Windows effects and you can see amazing changes to your computer's speed! My recommendation - a free program called Advanced System Care, which simplifies this and so much more! Just do a search for it in Google or Bing.
  2. Disk Defrag
    As that data on your hard drive gets erased and written over, your computer can 'scatter' it around and never stop to take a look at the 'big picture'. Huh? What that means is, sometimes you have to make your computer take a 'step back', look at the hard drive, and reorganize the data on it so it just makes more sense. Windows has a built in Defrag utility you should use regularly!
  3. Get rid of the trash
    Both in your recycle bin and on the computer. Again, Advanced System Care is great at this, to go in and find the 'junk' and abandoned files, extensions, etc. that clutter up your system and it's memory.
  4. Registry Cleaners
    Your registry is like the card catalogue for your hard drive. Unfortunately, Windows does a poor job cleaning up after itself. Imagine going to the library, looking up a book you need, only to find out the book was moved to a different shelf and the catalogue never updated! You can imagine how much longer it takes to find information. As you use your computer, the registry gets cluttered, and a quality Registry Cleaner can have a dramatic effect not only on the speed, but the stability of your machine!.
It only takes a few minutes every month or so to keep your computer decluttered and running as

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